6L Foam Fire Extinguisher


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6L Foam Fire Extinguisher

Denoted by a yellow label, foam fire extinguishers extinguish both Class A & B fires which are those that are fuelled by solid materials and flammable liquids, respectively. A foam fire extinguisher discharges a foam solution under pressure that forms a blanket or film on the surface of a burning liquid creating a barrier between the fire vapours and the air necessary to support combustion thereby smothering the fire. They provide a safe, powerful and fast means of extinguishing these class of fires by forming a seal over the surface to prevent re-ignition. Their application areas include: Hospitals, Supermarkets, Hotels and Restaurants, Paint shops, Clothing industries, Industrial units, Offices and many others.


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6L Foam Fire Extinguisher

Foam fire extinguishers can be used on Class A and B fires.

  • Class A – fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper, or textiles.
  • Class B – fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, or oils.

They are most suited to extinguishing liquid fires such as petrol or diesel and are more versatile than water jet extinguishers because they can also be used on solids such as wood and paper. The foam extinguishes liquid fires by sealing the surface of the liquid, preventing flammable vapour reaching the air and starving the fire of fuel. They are not suitable for use on free flowing liquid fires.

Foam extinguishers have a CREAM label.


  • Wall hook for hanging included
  • Fire rating 21A 144B
  • Supplied full with positioning and commissioning instructions
  • Height 525mm – diameter 180mm (Overall width 280mm)
  • Total weight 9.3kg
  • Operating temperature +5 to 60°C

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