Conventional Optical smoke detector


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Conventional Optical smoke detector

  • Newly designed optical chamber with sealed upper-part and 500 μm holes diameter mesh insect screen
  • Bicolour LED: Red for alarm; Green slow flash for standby (optional) and fast flash for trouble (fault or high level of contamination in the optical smoke chamber)
  • Drift compensation for sensor drift caused by dust in the chamber
  • Sensitivity selection for smoke and heat (by means of EDRV1000 driver)
  • Operating mode selection (by means of EDRV1000 driver for ID300 version): Only smoke; Only Heat; AND mode; OR mode; Plus mode
  • Complete Diagnostics: view the contamination level in the optical chamber and verify real-time values (by means of EDRV1000)
  • Memory of the smoke and temperature levels measured in the five-minute period prior to the last alarm detected
  • Vast range of options (selected by means of EDRV1000 driver)
  • Bypass plate on base guarantees continuity in the event of removal of the detector from the line

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Conventional Optical smoke detector

The ID100 optical smoke detector is based on the Tyndall effect (diffusion of light) and provides first-rate early warning in the event of fire. It offers wide-spectrum detection of smoke particles generated by the majority of fires.

The newly designed optical chamber with the sealed upper part and 500 μm holes diameter mesh insect screen ensure high immunity to false alarms.

The sensitivity can be configured to suit a wide range of applications (sensitivity configurable as: 0.08dB/m; 0.10dB/m; 0.12dB/m; 0.15dB/m).

Iris series detectors maintain the ease-of-use of conventional detectors, yet are capable of providing a series of technical solutions that until today were provided by only the most sophisticated addressable analog systems.

As a result of advanced technologies based on new-generation microprocessors, these detectors implement a set of sophisticated algorithms capable of ensuring unequalled reliability and a high immunity to false alarms.

The ground-breaking Versa technology incorporated in IRIS series detectors allows you to configure individual detectors to suit their specific environments and, when used in conjunction with the EITK1000 kit, to connect directly to the detector line for a complete diagnosis of each detector and thus test its operating capacity, verify its real-time values, view the contamination level in the optical smoke chamber and change its sensitivity and operating mode.

Each detector has a non-volatile memory which allows you to view the smoke and temperature levels measured in the period prior to the last alarm detected.

These detectors have passed – with flying colors – all the tests taken at the LPCB test facility, the prestigious English certification service.

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