Menvier Heat Detector

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Menvier Heat Detector

  • Four programmable separate detection
  • capabilities within one unit
  • Can be programmed to activate at 60°C or 77°C reducing the potential for false alarms
  • Conventional Fire 10V-30V Operation
  • 12V/4-wire Operation With Alarm Relay: 4W
  • Suitable for fast fire detection where normal temperatures do not exceed 38°C
  • Unsuitable for environments where the temperature may change rapidly
  • Microprocessor Technology
  • Digital Technology Detection Algorithms
  • Latch Input Enables Auto Reset: 4W

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Menvier Heat Detector

Menvier Heat Detector is triggered if there is a sudden rise in temperature, or if the temperature reaches a fixed upper limit, even if the rise to this temperature is slow. It is suitable for use in areas where the temperature is stable. It is a fixed temperature heat detector designed for use on conventional type fire alarm systems. All workplaces must have some sort of fire detection and warning system in place.

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